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Northern Web Services, Inc. e-Mail Marketing

Custom e-Marketing From Northern Web Services, Inc. Will Make Your Business Flyers Standout From the Croud!e-Mail marketing is quickly taking the place of yesterday's direct mail. With Northern Web Services' direct e-mail marketing programs, you can save time and money over traditional print campaigns that would normally just end up in the waste basket.

Our eco-friendly, custom designed, eye-catching e-newsletters and flyers will compliment your business and show your customers your true marketing savvy. E-mail marketing offers nearly instantaneous feedback so you can see who's reading your e-mails and what links they're clicking on. Moreover, with your own custom e-mail database, you can rest assured that your mailing list is secure and that your client's private data is not being mined, farmed or shared as it so often is even when you use other seemingly reputable e-marketing services.

Social networking integration is easily added with buttons for Facebook, “like” and tweet so your e-mail messaging is even easier to share with others. This is an excellent way to extend the reach and impact of your e-marketing efforts by taking full advantage of free "word of mouth" referrals in cyberspace!

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